Tea Time


Pencils on parchment paper

Pencils portrait of a woman facing left with an abstract pastel background


~ Melyanna

More abstract landscape paintings...

Abstract landscape painting of a lake at night, with pinewood trees reflecting on the water.

Alcohol based markers on Moleskine watercolour paper.


Painting of pinetrees reflecting on a body of water, in blue monochrome with yellow accents Makers on watercolour paper


Useful tools for blogging and maintaining a website

While I don't use a lot of images on this blog, I do make art that I sometimes like to share online, and think it is important to make sure that images are optimised properly, so they don't take up a huge amount of space.

Krita – the app I use to make art – has its own web optimisation settings, however it is TinyPNG that provides the best results.